4 Simple Steps to Clean Up Your Diet!

The Beginners Guide to Cleaning Up Your Diet
Oh, No You Didn’t! Not in My Pantry

Diets are confusing. Too many diets promise you can lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks or shed off those 25 extra pounds you’ve been carrying. Yes, sometimes they work and you lose those stubborn pounds and you feel great for a few months.. until old habits set in, motivation is gone and oh look, there is a bag of Doritos calling my name! Let’s start with Clearing out the Clutter. No need to make a confusing, massive overhaul all at once. Here are four simple steps that make a big impact on how you eat, without worrying about calorie counting at all.

Clearing the Clutter – Bad Fats and White Sugar

Get rid of nasty vegetable oils. Trans fats is akin to Dance Moms – you know it’s bad for you but your finger still taps “play” when you access Hulu. We see it everywhere on packaged foods – “Zero trans fat in every bite!” but what is trans fat and why is it bad?