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How to Master “Me Time” and Thrive

Time is a precious commodity and daily life seems to rob the small amount of time we do have with endless to-do lists, chores and non-fulfilling essential duties. Our lives are filled with clutter from work stress, daily commutes and social media black holes that by the time our day has ended we realize we had no time to connect with our partners, ourselves, our children or friends.


My Experience with Food Sensitivity Testing

I’ve always had bouts of atopic dermatitis (eczema) since I was in my early 20’s. I would get patches of rashes on my legs and sometimes elbows. I would call it the “Winter’s Itch” because I always started in the winter months and then would clear up by April or May usually with little intervention. There were a few times where I would have to visit my Primary Care doctor or a Dermatologist to get a steroidal cream to help the healing and to avoid any type of skin infection like cellulitis. For the most part it was manageable and I just assumed it was a part of my genetics that I would get it every winter.

Then, in February of 2016, everything changed in my life.