5 Reasons to LIFT HEAVY things!

To Lift (Heavy) or not to Lift.

So last year my wife and I decided to run a half marathon. Well, she decided to and I haphazardly volunteered to support her. What I realized was it takes up sooo much time to train and then after running so long your body needs a long time for healing. For my ‘process efficiency’ brain, this just doesn’t make sense. Who runs for hours at a time? HOURS!? I was hoping to see some sort of physical benefit but really it didn’t impact my body in any way that’s worth sharing. Chaffing. There was chaffing.

I’ve always loved lifting. Lifting big, heavy things. It takes very little time and has massive benefits. Physical and hormonal impacts that do a body damn good. So here are some tidbits to get your ass better. Remember Sir-Mix-A-Lot? That’s exactly where we’re going. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to lift or date or marry (if you’re smart) a lifter: