3 Easy Mindfulness Practices to Try!

Guest Blogger:
Jenn Noble

I have to admit, when Erica first approached me to do this blog post I felt a little unqualified. Though I consider myself an avid supporter of the gay community, I’ve always kind of seen myself as an outsider. I have the privilege of knowing and being in close relationship with quite a few amazing individuals who identify as gay/bisexual/transgendered/etc. However I don’t necessarily identify myself with that demographic and, therefore didn’t really think I had the words or experience to speak directly to the specific challenges faced by that community.  However, as I began to reflect on the matter, I realized that that is actually the crux of the issue – focusing on our differences.

Think about it. So many of the cultural dissonances that are going on right now in our country, our world, our personal relationships, have to do with the fact that we feel disconnected. Like we can’t relate.  And, for whatever reason, that scares the shit out of us. So we start to guard ourselves, put up walls, act aggressively in an effort to ‘protect’ ourselves. All of which only adds to the conflict and schisms.

But here’s the thing. When we start to shed the stories of how we are different, and how we’ve been hurt because of those differences, we realize that at our cores we are all the same.