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How To Unapologetically Be Your Gay Self At The Office

Button Down Shirt

“Can’t get you out of my head.” ~ Kylie Minogue I’d have to say, as a self proclaimed female gay boy, fitting into your standard corporate culture has certainly been challenging over the past 15 years. My ideal body is that of a k-pop…

How to Master “Me Time” and Thrive

Time is a precious commodity and daily life seems to rob the small amount of time we do have with endless to-do lists, chores and non-fulfilling essential duties. Our lives are filled with clutter from work stress, daily commutes and social media black holes…

3 Easy Mindfulness Practices to Try!

Guest Blogger: Jenn Noble I have to admit, when Erica first approached me to do this blog post I felt a little unqualified. Though I consider myself an avid supporter of the gay community, I’ve always kind of seen myself as an outsider….