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How to Master “Me Time” and Thrive

Time is a precious commodity and daily life seems to rob the small amount of time we do have with endless to-do lists, chores and non-fulfilling essential duties. Our lives are filled with clutter from work stress, daily commutes and social media black holes that by the time our day has ended we realize we had no time to connect with our partners, ourselves, our children or friends.

When we start to look at our well-being, we find ourselves out of balance with our purpose, our community, financially, physically and socially. This imbalance causes stress on our bodies and mind. To truly restore balance we need to find a way to live effectively in all 5 categories.

In our free webinar, “How to Master ‘Me Time’ and Thrive” we will give you solutions to help maximize your time; to help you truly THRIVE in your life. We will help you identify time wasters, weapons of mass distraction and places where if you were to eliminate those activities you could fill the gaps with meaningful purpose driven acts that will impact your overall well-being!

Our webinar is designed to be interactive and allow for discussion about our current challenges. To help prepare you, we start with an exercise that will be sent straight to your inbox when you register. This short exercise will look at your “5 Elements of Well-being” and allow you to reflect on where you may have imbalances currently in your life. The insights this will provide you will carry you through the presentation.

We look forward to the discussions throughout the webinar as our shared experiences and ideas will help gain the “Me Time” you’ve been looking for!

Click here to register now! Share this link with a friend or loved one you feel like might be struggling to find time for themselves or their families. We’ll see you there!


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