5 Reasons to LIFT HEAVY things!

To Lift (Heavy) or not to Lift.

So last year my wife and I decided to run a half marathon. Well, she decided to and I haphazardly volunteered to support her. What I realized was it takes up sooo much time to train and then after running so long your body needs a long time for healing. For my ‘process efficiency’ brain, this just doesn’t make sense. Who runs for hours at a time? HOURS!? I was hoping to see some sort of physical benefit but really it didn’t impact my body in any way that’s worth sharing. Chaffing. There was chaffing.

I’ve always loved lifting. Lifting big, heavy things. It takes very little time and has massive benefits. Physical and hormonal impacts that do a body damn good. So here are some tidbits to get your ass better. Remember Sir-Mix-A-Lot? That’s exactly where we’re going. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to lift or date or marry (if you’re smart) a lifter:

1.  Hormones | Ladies, ladies, ladies. When we hear hormones we want put up the defenses and prepare for the counter attack of any “moodiness” comments being launched our way. But not with growth hormone and testosterone, you know, the hormones that are good for revving up your bedroom engine! Dr. Kim Chronister, Psy.D author of The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation, found that hitting the weight room 3 days a week keeps levels of these hormones higher. If lesbian bed death is already integrated into your Uhaul – you may want to pick up some heavy things and kick it back into action.

2.  Derriere | As the beautiful Dr. Tyna Moore states, it’s all about the glutes. Now this sounds obvious, but if you are lying on your stomach, your glutes should be higher than your sacrum like ‘two mounds’. Often, even the skinniest of weeds suffers from atrophied glutes that fall flat showing a pronounced sacrum. You can run your face off, but unless you are doing some solid compound lifting such as deadlifts and squats, my dear, your rear will bounce no quarters. Call 1-900-mix-a-lot.

3.  Afterburnin’ | Lifting heavy is by far, the biggest bang for your buck. Metabolically, your system is on fire for hours after you lift! (Again, the big muscle groups like quads and glutes are a focus). And, this happens without burning our your adrenals. Keep on runnin’ Forrest, but us lifters can get in, get out and get back to watching Leah Remini expose Scientology and burn fat while doing it.

4.  Blood Sugar Regulation | The fastest way out of insulin resistance is to build skeletal muscle (especially in the legs and glutes). Cut back on sugar a bit, lift a bit, cut back a bit, lift a bit – you’ll get there faster. Ain’t nobody got time to be around a crazy person with unstable blood sugar! Those snickers commercial are for real.

5.  Confidence | It goes without saying that confidence is sexy. Having it and being around it is equally attractive. Studies show that women of all shapes and sizes report more self-confidence about their physique if they are regularly working out. Tina Penhollow states that ‘Regular physical activity enhances health and improves overall appearance, both of which can boost aspects of sexuality.’ Additionally, exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system, encouraging blood-flow to the genital region (Stanten & Yeager, 2003). Now who wouldn’t feel more confident about that!

Find a great Trainer to coach you and show you the proper technique and go get it!

– E. Bacon

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